PhishER is a simple and easy-to-use web-based platform with critical functionality that serves as your phishing emergency room to identify and respond to user-reported messages. PhishER helps you prioritize and analyze what messages are legitimate and what messages are not – quickly.

Knowing is half the Battle

Although you cannot protect against every possible cyber-attack, you can do much to prevent many of them. A few steps now can save you a great deal of time, money, and trouble later
Phishing Campaigns
User Security

Our goal is to detect and prevent attacks to your company or business data.

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What is Phishing...

Phishing scams try to trick you into disclosing personal information such as passwords or security question information. Many phishing scams arrive as emails declaring you need to reset your password; others claim your account was hacked and you need to reset your password. Caution employees not to offer any personal information via email or social media. Harmless social media quizzes that ask if you remember your childhood phone number, what your first car was, etc. are all the types of questions used by financial institutions and others to secure your account. Disclosing the information on social media may make a hacker’s job easier. In a future post we will talk about Phishing Scam protection software but for now, educating your team about how phishing works will help reduce the risk of being exposed.